Mr. Montek Singh Ahluwalia

Former Deputy Chairman, Planning Commission

I have been very impressed by what I have seen in this short visit. The effort to converge what is being done by department otherwise working in their own silos is very crucial and seem to be very successful. I congratulate all involved in the commendable effort.
I hope ways will be found of replicating this sort of role.

Mr. M.V. Subbaiah

Former Chairman, National Skill Development Corporation

Most impressed by excellent development training that KGVK is doing. We would like to learn from you and extend these services to other parts of the country particularly in the field of vocational training and livelihood creation.

Ms. Meera Sanyal

Former CEO & Chairman, Royal Bank of Scotland

KGVK is doing yeoman work to improve the quality of life of villagers of Jharkhand- moving beyond charity to making sustainable difference in the lives of those who need confidence and dignity.

Mr. Job Zachariah

Chief, UNICEF, Jharkhand

Hugely impressed by the TVM model of KGVK for overall development. It’s a unique example of good CSR work.