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“It is a long-standing observation that India is essentially two countries – one fuelling the drive for urbanization in India’s burgeoning cities and another striving for development in the vast rural landscape of Bharat.

It is indeed a great divide, and one that has seemed to widen over the past few years. Pursuing inclusive growth to bridge this gap was one of the reasons why we founded KGVK. Mobilizing the community and its available resources, we sought to find a way to ensure sustainable development in the region. In the intervening years, we have achieved some of the goals we had set for ourselves. And a lot remains to be done”.

Mr. Basant Kumar Jhawar, an entrepreneur, a self-starter and a visionary, he believed in working towards successfully creating and establishing an Indian MNC.

Although his business grew by leaps and bound, in early years of this career, he understood that that one cannot that live in an island of affluence surrounded by a sea of poverty. He also realized that disparity between “Have and Have Nots” is essentially due to difference in knowledge and skill sets.

He was associated with top educational institutions: as governing council member of LN Mittal Institute of Information Technology, Jaipur, President, Managing committee of Birla High School, Kolkata, Vice President of Sri Shiksha Niketan School Trust, Kolkata, Member Governing Board, XLRI, Jamshedpur, Member Governing Council, Calcutta Business School, and Board of trustees of National Foundation of India. Mr. Jhawar was an active member of Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), National Council and chaired its various National Committees.