Case Study - Stories Of Change

Strawberry: Fruits of Success in Jharkhand Ramgarh, KGVK

The Issue The Need The Intervention
  • Lack of knowledge on new technique.
  • Low profitable agriculture income.
  • Lack of access to the markets.
  • Introduction of high value crop cultivation i.e. strawberry.
  • Ensuring quality produce
  • Ensuring Market linkages
  • Improving household income through farm.
  • Introduced the concept of scientific cultivation practices involved in strawberry production (package of practices).
  • Organization of On-farm demonstration cum training for 37 farmers in 14 villages through Farmers Field School (FFS).
  • Field preparation and procurement of quality seedlings of strawberry.
  • Value addition through shorting, packaging and distribution by the farmers at farm level.
  • Facilitation of market linkages through Buyer-Seller meet
  • Impact

    Parameters Before After
    High value crop introduction Lack of knowledge, inability to take risk with new crop Improved knowledge and skill in strawberry cultivation. Risk taking ability improved
    Market Linkages Lack of marketing facilities at village/farmer level Facilitated linkages with wholesale traders and retailers of Ranchi through Buyer-Seller meet platform
    Income Improvement Income from traditional vegetable cultivation comes to apprx. Rs. 1 lakhs per acre Net income per acre through strawberry cultivation is more than Rs. 2.5 lakhs (nearly 2.5 times higher than the traditional vegetable cultivation)

    Income Analysis and Scale-up Strategy Ramgarh, KGVK

    Strawberry Cultivation Analysis For 0.1 acres of land For 1 acre of land
    Particulars UoM Quantity Per unit Cost (Rs.) Total Cost (Rs.) Total Cost (Rs.)
    A. Cost of Cultivation (Average)
    Saplings No. 2400 10.75 25800
    Organic Fertilizers and Organic pest repellent LS - 1000
    Manual Operated Drip with mulching No. 1 6500 6500
    33300 333000
    B. Revenue (Average)
    Production Kg 239 250 59750 597500
    Average Net Profit (B-A) 26450 264500