KGVK aims towards quality education at grassroots through its innovative way of joyful, useful and child-centric learning for raising standards at rural Schools. Enriching Govt. Schools for imparting useful & relevant learning programs for children through Smart classes. Through Smart classes children are learning through new and advanced Teaching techniques. School up gradation and Infrastructure development of Anganwadi is also an important initiative of KGVK through which proper seating arrangement, white washing, setting up drinking water & sanitation facilities to existing Govt. Schools are components covered. Adult Literacy programs and ‘Wash’ School Health program are also executed in rural schools.

KGVK is presently focusing on system strengthening of existing Govt. Schools for active participation and effective learning of children in quality education centres. Through this initiative KGVK is strengthening existing Govt. Schools through School up gradation enabling environment by launching School Library, implementation of TLM Facilitation for creating positive impact on new generations. This specific learning objectives are greatly assisting school students in the learning process.

KGVK is creating Smart Boards, promoting ‘Wash’-School Health Program & Adult Literacy program with focus on basic literacy and numeracy. Special emphasis on TiE (Theatre in Education) program to facilitate joyful learning among school children and effective Children's Participation.