Soil & Water Testing Unit

The Soil and Safe Drinking Water Testing Lab has trained personnel, equipment and chemicals to test soil and water samples obtained from villages. Each sample is tested and a report provided back to the individual or household with a clear explanation of the results and relevant recommendations. Field supervisors are trained to explain the reports to the farmers and beneficiary population, and where required our experts visit the field sites to explain to a group of farmer.

Since its inception in 2008, over 15000 soil samples have been tested and recommendation provided to landholders. In just the last one year since adding safe drinking water equipment to this unit, over 600 water samples have been collected from different drinking water sources (hand pump, bore well, etc) in TVM villages and recommendations provided. As a logical extension of this activity and to create community ownership, local people are continuously trained in fixing hand pumps by connecting them to the local Government line departments.