Shalini Hospital

The Shalini Hospital Network established its first hospital at village Rukka in the year 1988 to provide referral and primary services to the villages around. Since then, another hospital has been added under the Shalini Network to provide access to over 150 villages.

Over the last two decades Shalini Hospitals have carried out more than 13,000 successful deliveries, around 1,500 cataract operations, and has annual footfall of more than 12,000 patients. A well trained team of 50 health professionals are working towards delivering quality health services to patients who walk into our hospitals at Rukka and Narayan Soso every day.

Best practices in the hospital combined with our public health experts, auxiliary nursing midwives (ANM) and well-trained cadre of community health workers help address healthcare issues in an effective and comprehensive manner. Some of the partners include the Government of Jharkhand (GoJ), LifeSpring Hospitals, University of Washington and independent healthcare professionals.

Volunteer Experience

My life inside the Shalini Hospital Network

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